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Power to the people...

Last Minute Grab which is the product of SNS Technology pvt. Ltd., lives by the simple mantra: buy together and save.We believe in the power of social buying to transform the unattainable into something else entirely – something that everyone can get their hands on. The Last Minute Grab philosophy is all about coming together as one; ‘divided we fall, united we stand.’ That might sound a bit grandiose, but really, it’s just about pulling together to access awesome experiences, food and products, every single day.

Be in the know...

With the all the fun and exciting things there are to do, eat, buy, and see in your city, it can be hard to discern the good from the should’ve-stayed-on-the-couch. We take the hassle out of the equation, and deliver the good straight to you, revitalising your relationship with the city you live in. Last Minute Grab knows what’s happening in your city, and how to get in on it. We also know that it’s nice to see what’s happening in another place from time to time, and we can make it easier for you to go exploring. We find what you want to do – or what you didn’t yet know you wanted to do – and surprise you with an affordable way to grab it.

High quality without a high price...

Last Minute Grab takes the risk out of the equation because we only offer you deals that we want to buy ourselves.  The value and quality of our experiences are extremely important to us, because we know they’re important to you. We hand pick reputable businesses, think out of the box, and deliver quality products...without the restrictive price tag.

Get talking...

The only thing you have to do is spread the word! Deals will only go ahead if a minimum number of people opt in – so if you really want that gourmet seafood feast, that luxurious linen set, that blissful spa treatment or that crazy trip to Las Vegas – scream it from the rooftops! If you make sure everyone you know wants it too, you’ll be able to grab it before it’s gone. You can also earn Last Minute Grab credits for referring your mates!

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